Benefits of Remodeling Your Kitchen

Have you been dreaming about remodeling your kitchen and improving its functionality? If you have, you aren’t alone. Kitchen remodels and renovations are popular home improvement projects throughout the Chicago area. There is no better room to renovate than your kitchen if you want to see a large return on your investment (ROI). Remodeling your kitchen can have a big impact on your quality of life and home’s resale value.

Why remodel your kitchen?

According to a 2017 survey of homeowners who remodeled their kitchen, almost 50% reported that they spent more time with their family afterward. 41% reported cooking more at home and 33% reported that they were living a healthier lifestyle. You can enjoy these benefits and more by tackling a kitchen remodel with the help of an experienced home contractor.

Here are 5 more practical benefits of remodeling your kitchen.

#1: Updated Your Kitchen’s Design 

Often, kitchens are the most dated room in a home. Feeling like you’ve stepped back into another era when you’re in your kitchen can make you want to avoid it. Updating the design can transform your kitchen into a welcoming space that you want to spend time in. Even small changes like fresh paint color, new backsplash, and different cabinet hardware can update the look of your kitchen. You can make it feel brand new by installing new countertops and flooring, upgrading your appliances, and modifying the layout.

#2: Increase Your Kitchen’s Functionality 

Lack of counter space, inadequate storage, and inconveniently placed appliances are just a few of the functional problems that you can solve. You could create more usable space by adding a kitchen island or decluttering your counters by extending your cabinets to the ceiling. A professional home contractor will work with you to create a design that solves your biggest problems in the kitchen. With a more functional design, making snacks and meals in your kitchen can be fun and convenient.

#3: Improve Your Home’s Sustainability

Upgrading to energy-efficient appliances is a smart choice for the environment and your wallet. You can reduce your utility costs and environmental impact by installing energy-saving light fixtures and an eco-friendly dishwasher and refrigerator. Eco-friendly appliances utilize cutting edge technology, so you won’t miss out on convenient features. Using sustainable materials for your countertops, cabinets, and flooring like bamboo, salvaged wood, and recycled materials is another way to respect Mother Nature.

#4: Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

Investing in your kitchen can have a big ROI when you decide to sell your home. You may be able to recoup more than 70% of the cost depending on what changes you made and the market that you’re in. 80% of surveyed homebuyers list an updated kitchen as one of their top priorities when they’re looking for a new home. Speaking with a local real estate agent in the Chicagoland area is the best way to know what improvements will have the biggest impact on your home’s resale value.

#5: Create a Safer Environment

Kitchens are filled with dangerous tools like chef’s knives and hot appliances. Upgrading to cabinets with more space to safely hide sharp knives and tools can keep them out of reach of children. Investing in new appliances with better safety features can reduce the risk of burns and kitchen fires. Renovating your kitchen so it has a more open layout and supporting flooring can help prevent nasty trips and slips. If you spend hours in the kitchen cooking, investing in ergonomic flooring is a great way to protect your feet and joints from pain.

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