The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Remodel Your House

Remodeling your home is a very intensive and complex task. It is important to follow every step of your home renovation plan seriously because it also costs you some money. However, there are certainly many people who are thinking “I want to renovate my house, where do I start?”. If you are clueless on how you will plan to renovate your home, you’re in luck. Make sure to keep reading because, in this blog, you will learn the complete guide to Home Renovation 101.

  • Planning and Design

    It’s okay if you are a bit confused about where to start, but the easiest first step on your home renovation project is to plan and design. You can make a “renovating a house checklist”, some kind of timeline or home renovation order of work tracker, budget breakdown, and maybe do some rough sketches. Whatever that will give you firm ideas of how you want your home renovation to progress, all of that work is under the planning and design phase. This is also the part where you hire experts like contractors and subcontractors, so they can do the tasks that are more complicated for you. If necessary, you should also apply for the permits needed to do this renovation during this phase. It is very crucial that you do this job part successfully in order to avoid any mistakes and do-over on the actual renovation.

  • Demolition

    Now that you already have a concrete plan on how you want to redo your house, the next step is to demolish the parts of your house that need to be reworked. Some important things to remember in this phase are:
    – Make sure that you have enough containers for all the garbage/waste.
    – Take extra care when demolishing parts of the house that are covered using lead-based paint.
    – Know which rooms are unavailable to use if you are planning to stay in the house during the demolition.

  • Major/Large Projects

    Siding repairs, fixing the foundation, roof repair/replacement—these heavy works are easier to do at the earlier part of the renovation.

  • Rough Carpentry

    This phase is for the wall constructions, adding more beam supports for the upper level of your house, framing for adding new windows, and so on.

  • Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC

    Installations of vital services like air-conditioning, electricity, plumbing, and so on.
    Installation of New Doors & Windows
    The next step is to install the doors and windows, whether a replacement or newly constructed, partial or whole-house.

  • Insulation

    You can also choose to install wall insulation in the rooms in order. However, keep in mind that this part is quick, so your drywall service provider should be ready once it’s done.

  • Drywall Process

    Make sure to consult your plumbing and electrical inspector and wait for their go signal before closing up your walls.

  • Finish Carpentry

    Do the finishing touches to your house like molding and trimming windows/doors, baseboards, interior wall painting, applying wallpapers, and so on.

  • Flooring

    This is where you work on the final floor covering, this is one of the last things you should do on your room/house renovation to avoid damaging the surface of your floor.

  • Gutters/Siding

    Once all the work is finished, it’s time to add the siding. This is the last step to avoid ruining it in case one of your windows or door gets punched out.

For the best house renovation results, many people hire a pro to do all this work. However, sometimes you may need to minimize the costs and have no choice but to do some of the work. If ever you are stuck on how to do home renovations, these are actually some of the standard steps on how to renovate a house. Whether you are planning a major house renovation or a much simpler one like a room renovation, this home refurbishing guide will surely help you a lot. Hopefully, this guide was able to cover anything that you needed to know—from the first room in a house up to the last one.